2018 Anchor Update

In June 2018 we announced an update of our Anchor connectors. Customers with earlier versions of our Anchors may be eligible for a free Anchor Update Kit. Read on for details.

What are Anchors?

They're the little connectors that come with all Peak Design camera straps.

Why did we update our Anchors?

This is actually the 4th time we've updated our Anchors, meaning that our new Anchors are actually version 4 (or V4). We began making V3 Anchors in August 2017, which featured a thinner cord that could fit directly in smaller camera eyelets. In Spring 2018 we got a few reports (7 total) of V3 Anchors prematurely wearing out and failing. To put things in perspective, we've sold over 1 million V3 Anchors, so the observed failure rate is 7 in 1,000,000 (or 1 in every 17,000 users). Though small, this failure rate is unacceptable for us and hence we're updating our Anchors to prevent this issue from happening to anybody else.

How do I get updated Anchors?

If you've purchased a strap from us or one of our many retailers, please quickly take our Anchor Update Survey to see if you qualify for a free Anchor Update Kit.


What's the difference between V1, V2, V3, and V4 Anchors?




For more details, watch the beginning of this video:

How did this issue happen?

We test all products, including our Anchors, extensively. When testing fails to anticipate an issue, there is always something to learn, and always an intense rethinking of our testing methodology. In this case, our biggest learning was that we failed to account for the variance in camera eyelet construction.

Through our investigation we discovered that the inside of camera eyelets—the little metal strap loops on camera bodies—vary in sharpness far more than we originally observed. We've now seen this variance both across brands/models and within the same brand/model. Even if we had tested every camera model, we didn’t anticipate manufacturing inconsistency within models themselves. Of the premature wear cases we've seen, most were due to friction between the eyelet and the Anchor cord.

We always can and should improve our design and testing processes. This issue has helped to improve our testing methodology for all existing and future products. Our reputation is built on the functionality of our products, the security of your cameras, and the transparency with which we conduct business. We hang our hat on your trust—that we’ll keep your gear safe, and that we will always do right by you.








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