Packing Cube: Tips, Features, and Functions

Designed to fit optimally in any bag, Peak Design or otherwise, our packing cube features internal dividers, expansion/compression capabilities, and high-grade weatherproof material. 

We want to make sure you know how to use it to fit your lifestyle. To learn about all the packing cube has to offer, click below for Adam's comprehensive tutorial.



If you want to skip to the most relevant parts, we've got a table-of-contents of sorts to get you straight to a specific point in the video:


  • Material overview (0:11)
  • Main opening (0:30)
  • Back zip or second compartment (0.50)
  • Watch Adam put something in there (1:29)
  • PRO TIP: a safe doggy resting place (2:39
  • Packing tubes into travel bag (3:01)



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