Buying Used and Refurbished PD Products

PD Certified Gear on eBay

To find and buy 100% functional, gently used Peak Design gear, head on over to the Peak Design eBay seller profile page and look for product listings with the "PD Certified" badge.


What exactly is PD Certified?

We design and build our products to last a lifetime. It's why we give everything we make a lifetime guarantee.

When customers make use of their lifetime guarantee, they send us their broken or defective product and we'll send them a functioning unit in return. Instead of throwing those products away, we refurbish them back to a state of 100% functionality. Following a rigorous inspection, we repackage those products and resell them. We do the same thing with gently used returns and open-box items. Collectively, we call these products PD Certified.

PD Certified gear is guaranteed to be 100% functional—everything works just the way it should. They may show signs of gentle use such as creases and scuff marks here and there, but as we see it, those are badges of honor. PD Certified gear is sold at a significant discount from MSRP, and best of all, PD Certified gear carries the same lifetime guarantee that brand new items carry.

PD Certified gear is a triple win for us and for you. You get a sweet deal on a Peak Design product. You get the confidence in knowing your gently used product is fully functional and guaranteed for life. And we both get the satisfaction of giving a good product a second life, and keeping unnecessary waste out of a landfill.





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